Customer Service In Not What You Should Be Focusing On!

Since the 1980's all business managers, owners, and employees have heard is, "Customer Satisfaction is What It's All About!" It seems like every business management book and speaker around the world has been echoing this sentiment.

Our perspective is radically different. Your CUSTOMER LOYALTY is what should keep you up at night.

While customer satisfaction is a component of loyalty, we recognize that today's consumer expects all the pieces to be in place.

We believe that customer satisfaction, and more importantly, customer loyalty, are a byproduct of the total customer experience.

Everything You Need to Manage Your Customer Total Experience


  • Front-line Employee

  • Management Planning and Development

  • New Employee Development

  • Social Media Responsiveness

  • Customer Surveys

  • Problem Analysis and Prevention

  • Focus Groups

  • Analytics

  • Strategic Development

  • Deployment Across All Delivery Channels

  • Metrics Development

  • ISO 9001:2015 Critical Component

  • Employee / Vendor / Customer Recognition Program Development

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Customer Loyalty Takes More Than Just a Smileā€¦

Back in the day, all you needed to keep a customer happy was a smile… Those days have gone the way of the flip-phone.

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A Poor Customer Experience Will Cost You!

Higher customer expectations mean that they are more likely to choose another provider if anything goes wrong.

In a recent consumer study, 45% of customers stopped doing business with a company because of one bad experience — immediately! Over 60% eventually selected another choice because of their experience.

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How's Your Customer Experience?

Is it the same at every point of access for your customers? For most businesses, it's not.

Some excel via their website, others dazzle when you're in the brick and mortar store, others nail it when speaking with a customer on the phone.

Very few organizations have a seamless experience through every delivery channel, each step of the way.